Frequently Asked Questions

Our Fees & Charges.

We endeavour to keep our costs to a minimum allowing you to walk away with the most money possible from the sale of your home. Our sole aim remains negotiating the best price we can for your property, whilst seeking fair remuneration for doing so. Our fees equate to 2% of the eventual sale price, inclusive of GST. You may also need to condier advertising changes, depending on the sale process chosen, the costs range $1,895 for a standard private sale up to $2,500 for an Auction. The only other selling fee to consider is that of your legal representative be it a Solicitor or Conveyancer - these fees are likely to start around $895 to as much as $1,800.

Pricing your property.

Price is the most crucial aspect of the entire sales process, maybe more so than the overall presentation of your home! There are three things you will have total control over when selling; how you present your home, how you choose to market your home and most importantly, how you price your home.

A private sale process is streamlined when you choose either a fixed price or and advertised range. Either option allows greater appeal to the market rather than a choice of no price or ‘contact agent’. In realty, we all make price decision based on price alone every day. Whether it be standing in front of the milk fridge at the supermarket, looking at the left hand side of a menu all the way to selecting a new car - we all want value. Ensuring the pricing of your home represents value when compared to both comparable homes already listed for sale when you launch your campaign, and more importantly, when compared to very recent sales data now available to everyone at the click of a button.

When your home is both presented correctly and priced right, the rest will verbally take care of itself! Often times however, price alterations during the campaign will be required as the market changes on a weekly/monthly basis to ensure your homes pricing remains on point.

Open for inspections vs by appointment?

Both methods of inspecting have their merits. Making your home as easy and as accessible as possible to inspect is the key. We generally run a combination of both these methods to allow those with time restrictions or work commitments the ability to view your property at their convenience. An open for inspection provides the opportunity for those not so eager to speak directly with an agent the chance to wander through without the feeling of being pressured, while private viewings accommodate those that are only available at specific times.

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